Members of the Royal Club are reputable global brands, who strongly believe in our mission and are at the forefront of our activities to ensure a strong digital sector in the country that delivers value for members and society alike. They are part of the board, lead committees, head delegations and part of our high level meetings with heads of states and global conglomerates.


  1. Special priority free access to our Digital Recruiter to advertise jobs and Tech Talent directory to hire professionals and freelancers
  2. Special priority free access to our Digital Magazine to publish articles and opinions
  3. Special discounted access to Digital Marketplace to sell your products and services to the world
  4. Special priority input and free access to Chamber special reports and publications 
  5. Special priority consideration to advise and lead on our programs
  6. Special priority consideration to join, advise and lead our special and international committees
  7. Special priority consideration for business opportunities at the Chamber and with strategic partners
  8. Special free promotion of company special offers, product launches and events on web, digital magazine and social media
  9. Special packages to host or attend our workshops, seminars, webinars and related events
  10. Special packages to speak, moderate and chair workshops, seminars, webinars and related events
  11. Special packages on exclusive discounts to sponsor and advertise at workshops, seminars, webinars and related events
  12. Special discounted packages to advertise products and services on our website, Digital Magazine and social media platforms
  13. Special discounts offered by our national and global strategic partners and members (flights, hotels, office space, transport etc.)
  14. Special consideration for speaking, marketing and being a special guest at British Digital Business Awards
  15. Exclusive discounts on prime sponsorship packages at British Digital Business Matchmaking conference
  16. Special consideration to sponsor, host and take on company tour international business delegations visiting the Chamber
  17. Special consideration to lead Chamber delegations to visit countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America
  18. Join Chamber chairman for organisational meetings with business leaders, diplomats, ministers and heads of states
  19. Opportunities to join Chamber chairman on international visits to conferences and meetings with leaders representing the Chamber
  20. Special packages to get on the front page of British Digital magazine, interviews with media outlets and live programs