The 4 gadgets you need to put you to sleep

LONDON: With temperatures soaring across Europe, nothing is more worrying than losing your sleep while sweating the night away. We all need a good night’s sleep for a healthy body and mind.

According to the Sleep Council, more than a quarter of all people fail to get good quality sleep. So we have brought you 5 gadgets to put you to sleep, improve your quality of sleep and make you feel energised when you wake up.

1. Soundasleep Bluetooth Speaker Pillow

Soundasleep Bluetooth Speaker Pillow

This ordinary looking pillow comes with a 1.5w Bluetooth speaker inside, which plays soothing sounds to give you a good night’s sleep. You can choose from a list of natural sounds such as a babbling brook, crackling fire or the ocean. The pillow also has an alarm function and has Snore Detection function, which listens for a certain volume of noise and then kicks in music or sound to ease your snoring.

2. Somnox Sleep Robot

Somnox Sleep Robot

The Somnox Sleep Robot is an amazing gadget that kills two birds with one stone. The robot is designed in a pillow form to be hugged. The squishy nature of the robot is meant to make you fall asleep. And like the Soundasleep Bluetooth Speaker Pillow, it monitors your breathing and by playing soothing sounds.

3. Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds


These amazing noise masking sleepbuds can be a lifesaver if you have a partner who snores or live in a noisy neighbourhood. It ensures good quality sleep by masking unwanted noise with soothing sounds. The gadget comes with 20 pre-loaded tracks from the Bose Sleep app and a built-in alarm.

4. Beddr Sleep Tuner

Beddr Sleep Tuner

One of the biggest issues physicians and people face is to understand what is causing us to stay awake at night. The wonderful thing about the Sleep Tuner is that it syncs a sleep sensor with a mobile app to provide personalised information about your sleep quality and make recommendations on how to improve it. It is an FDA-registered gadget and tracks your heart rate, sleep duration, and oxygen saturation, which is very important in people with sleep apnea.